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Enclosure Experts!
At MG We Think Inside The Box

MG stocks a wide variety of enclosures, in all shapes and sizes, from stainless steel to fiberglass, to metal and polycarbonate. MG offers thousands of "inside the box" items as well...wire duct, pilot devices, relays, sockets, power supplies, terminal blocks, din rail, contactors, name it!

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Monday - Friday
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

1412 Edwards Ave.
Phone: 504.733.0070
Fax: 504.734.8606
Toll Free: 800.568.6464
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2514 3rd Avenue South
Phone: 205.328.4525
Fax: 205.322.4193
Toll Free: 800.685.6464
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3078 Finley Island Circle
Phone: 256.355.6121
Fax: 256.351.8906
Toll Free: 800.756.6464
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John/Harahan, LA 504-813-5068
Chuck/Birmingham, AL 205-907-2621
Charles/Decatur, AL 256-565-5069