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Monday - Friday
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1412 Edwards Ave.
Phone: 504.733.0070
Fax: 504.734.8606
Toll Free: 800.568.6464
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2514 3rd Avenue South
Phone: 205.328.4525
Fax: 205.322.4193
Toll Free: 800.685.6464
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3078 Finley Island Circle
Phone: 256.355.6121
Fax: 256.351.8906
Toll Free: 800.756.6464
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Product Index

Audible Signals/Alarms ABB, Banner, Edwards Signaling, Federal Signal, Mallory
Batteries Power-Sonic
Bus Systems ABB, Turck, Pepperl+Fuchs
Cable Ties 3M, ABB, ASEP, Panduit
Circuit Breakers ABB, Altech
Connectors ASEP, Turck, Burndy, Lapp, Meltric, Woodhead
Constant Voltage Transformers Hammond, Sola
Contactors ABB, Altech, Carlo Gavazzi, IDEC
Cordsets Brad Harrison, Remke, Turck, Woodhead
Count Controls Red Lion, Durant, Carlo Gavazzi, Danaher, KEP, Veeder Root, Redington
Current and Voltage Monitors ABB, ATC/Diversified, Carlo Gavazzi, Macromatic, Time Mark, Symcom
Disconnect Switches ABB, Altech
Enclosures Akron, Attabox, Schaefer's, Saginaw, Vynkier, Stahlin, Hammond, Allied Moulded, Adalet, Rittal, Integra
Encoders Red Lion, Durant, Turck, Danaher (Dynapar), Encoder Products
Filter-Regulator-Lubricators ASCO
Flow Sensors Turck, Dwyer
Foot Switches ABB, Linemaster, SUNS
Framing Systems JOKAB/ABB, MiniTec
Fuses/Fuse Blocks Littelfuse, Bussmann, Shawmut, Altech, ETI
Industrial Ethernet Communications N-Tron
Lamps Norman, GE, Sylvania
Laser Sensors Banner, IDEC, Data Sensor, Pepperl+Fuchs
LED Lighting Banner
Level Controls ABB, Banner, Pepperl+Fuchs, Turck, Carlo Gavazzi, Curtis, KEP, Dwyer, SMD, Macromatic
Lightning Arrestors ABB, Delta, Tripp-Lite, Citel, Ditek
Limit Switches ABB, Honeywell Microswitch, Yamatake, Carlo Gavazzi, SUNS
Manual Controls ABB, Danfoss, Honeywell Microswitch
Message Displays Red Lion, Vorne
Motor Controls ABB, Altech, Advance Control
Motors ABB/Baldor, Leeson, Lincoln, Brook Crompton
Operator Interface / HMI Red Lion, IDEC, Carlo Gavazzi, FUJI, KEP, Rohtek
Panel Meters Red Lion, Durant, Carlo Gavazzi, Triplett, KEP
Phase Monitors ABB, ATC/Diversified, Carlo Gavazzi, Time Mark, Symcom, Macromatic
Photoelectric Controls Banner, Pepperl+Fuchs, IDEC, Data Sensor
Pilot Devices ABB, IDEC, Senasys, Altech
Position Sensors Turck, Honeywell Microswitch, Banner, Pepperl+Fuchs, IDEC
Power Factor Correction Capacitors ABB
Power Supplies IDEC, ABB, Acme, PULS, SOLA
Power Quality Management TCI, MTE
Pressure Sensors/Switches ASCO, Turck, Dwyer, Mercoid, NOSHOK
Programmable Logic Controllers JOKAB/ABB, IDEC, TURCK
Proximity Sensors Turck, Pepperl+Fuchs, Topworx (Go Switch), Carlo Gavazzi, IDEC, Data Sensor
Pushbutton Switches ABB, Altech, IDEC, Senasys
Relays IDEC, ABB, Turck, Deltrol, Finder, Potter & Brumfield, Tyco, Magnecraft
RFID Systems Turck, Pepperl+Fuchs
Safety Barriers Turck, Pepperl+Fuchs, JOKAB/ABB
Safety Interlock Switches Banner, STI, Euchner, Fortress, JOKAB/ABB
Safety Light Curtains Banner, STI, JOKAB/ABB
Safety Mats 3M, Larco, STI, JOKAB/ABB
Safety Relays ABB, Banner, STI, JOKAB/ABB
Smart Relays IDEC, ABB
Shrink Tubing Alpha, 3M, Panduit
Solenoid Valves ASCO
Stack Lights ABB, IDEC, Tomar, Banner
Strobe Lights ABB, Banner, Edwards Signaling, Federal Signal
Surge Suppression ABB, Citel, Ditek, Delta, Tripp-lite
Switches Selecta Switch
Switchboards ABB
Switchgear ABB
Temperature Controls Carlo Gavazzi, Dwyer, Fenwal, NOSHOK, Red Lion, KEP, Turck
Temperature Sensors Fenwal, NOSHOK, Banner, Turck, Dwyer
Terminal Blocks Entrelec/ABB, EMM, Wieland, Curtis, Marathon, WAGO
Timing Controls IDEC, ABB, Danaher, ATC/Diversified ISSC, NCC, Eagle Signal, Macromatic
Thermal Management Chromolox, Pfannenberg, Cosmotech
Transformers ABB, Micron, Acme, Hammond, Superior, Sola, Jefferson
UPS Systems Sola, Tripp-Lite, PULS
Valve Position Indication Topworx, Asco, Turck
Variable Speed Drives ABB, Danfoss, KB, AC Tech, FUJI
Video Vitek
Vision Systems Banner, IDEC, Data Sensor
Visual Alarms Federal Signal, Patlite, ABB, IDEC, Edwards Signal, Banner
Warning Devices Federal Signal, Patlite, ABB, Edwards Signaling, Banner
Wire / Cable Manhattan, Coleman Cable, Alpha, General Cable, SAB, Turck, Allied
Wire Duct ABB, Panduit, Thomas & Betts, IBOCO
Wiring Accessories ABB, Panduit, Turck, ASEP
Wireless Controls Banner

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